Alex relieves and works through a trauma.

Exploring the more narrative soul of fashion film while staying true to the genre’s strong focus on aesthetics. Inspired by EMDR therapy, the film looks at abandonment during childhood as something that is likely to accompany us into adulthood. Through an experimental, movement-led approach, Alex takes us on a journey into the human psyche.

The film is directed by Italian filmmaker and photographer Luca Spreafico, crafting all the aspect to compose a dreamlike scenario. Shot in a historical villa in the Lombard region of Italy, Alex employs dance as a release tool to work through one’s traumas. Powerfully lead with a memorable performance by dancer Silvia Bonavigo, with sharp choreographed movements that portray her challenges and fears. Obviously as a fashion film the costumes played a big part in the narrative and overall mood. Here the iconic capes of Italian label Kappe by Federica Bonifaci were selected to emphasise and complement the wearer’s gestures.

Alex has been in the pipeline for quite some time. It’s a project that has helped me to experiment with a different format and move closer to the content I want to create in the future as a director and photographer

Breaking away from pre-established video genres, Alex finds itself at a crossroad between fashion film, short film and dance video. The film is a personal project and the director’s first narrative work.