Stink Director Andzej Gavriss (Eleusis, We Will Become Better) and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency have released a powerful short film called “Uprooted” which tells the untold story of PTSD; of how war lives on in the minds of those affected, and how everyday events can trigger fear, emotion and trauma.

Over 60 Ukrainian refugees were involved in the project, including writers, choreographers, designers, casting producers, styling assistants, set dressing, make up, music and all the talent featured in the film. Adding to the authenticity and their connection to the film, the actors’ wardrobe incorporated an item of clothing they wore when fleeing their country.

Words from director Andzej Gavriss on Uprooted

Since the war broke out, I have been hearing many stories from Ukrainian refugees detailing the debilitating effects of PTSD. The subject felt so important, yet not much was being said in the public. After speaking with many Ukrainian friends and long-time collaborators, we decided to make a film together and use our art as our way of contributing. It was important that we cast real refugee actors in the film to tell their own stories. Despite all the pain, the film ends with a message of hope and unity – to stand together and give strength to one other.