Dressed // Daily Short Picks


Mags’ little sister Ella is recently out and full of pride — but after the collapse of her own engagement, Mags struggles to muster the energy to support anyone, including herself. Director’s Statement “Dressed” was written and filmed at the beginning of 2017, during a unique time in our cultural[…]

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A Play // Featured Short Film

A Play

When two friends go to see a friends play, they soon realize just how terrifying supporting the arts can be. Telling the truth can sometimes be hazardous. ‘A Play‘ goes head-on into the awkwardness of two friends who witness their friend’s horrible play. The result is enchantingly relatable, until things[…]

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Dada (Sister) // Daily Short Picks

DADA (Sister)

A narrative fiction about a young western reporter that is captured in Kenya and thrown into a shanty used for prostitution. She has to face the same circumstances female prostitutes in Kenya have to deal with on a daily basis. Day after day, they end up relying on each other[…]

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Keith wants to give you the best tech support in the world, even if it kills you. twitter.com/LukeofKondor instagram.com/lukeofkondor facebook.com/lukeofkondor lukekondor.com

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Daily Short Picks | The Hideout

The Hideout

A young girl’s life is thrown upside down when she is molested by her favorite teacher. Through the support of her best friend, she finds the strength to tell her mother. facebook.com/TheHideoutFilm Behind The Scenes: The Cast Behind The Scenes: The Crew

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During the WWII many dogs that had nothing to do with the affairs of men contributed their unconditional support and companionship in the most dangerous missions. Goldie is the story of a messenger dog who was thrown into the uncertain fate of war. goldie.cipinteractive.com

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