Mags’ little sister Ella is recently out and full of pride — but after the collapse of her own engagement, Mags struggles to muster the energy to support anyone, including herself.

Director’s Statement

“Dressed” was written and filmed at the beginning of 2017, during a unique time in our cultural landscape. With Trump’s inauguration, many Americans were left fearful and angry with what was to come, resulting in public demonstrations from nearly all minority groups. One of the things that struck the writer, Abigail Accettura, the most during this time was the grace and resilience that she found in the LGBTQ+ community while under pressure. As Accettura said, “Even when everything is changing, our closest bonds stay strong. ‘Dressed’ is about those closest bonds; about the things you do for the people who matter, even when it hurts.” Ultimately, this film is about two sisters who prove that there’s no stronger bond than family.