Ghosts and Fashion / Fantasy // Daily Short Picks

Ghosts and Fashion

“Ghosts and Fashion” is a visualization of a poem by the same name by world-renown poet Elaine Equi (The New Yorker, American Poetry Review, The Best American Poetry). The short tells the simple, lyrical story of a new ghost who now needs to figure out what to wear in the[…]

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SHIRI // Crowdfunding Pick We Dig


SHIRi is a quirky romantic comedy about Alex, a socially awkward millennial, who struggles to make romantic connections because of a possessive know-it-all woman who won’t leave him alone.

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Mad At The World // Daily Short Picks

Mad At The World

Life is hard sometimes, so it’s easy to be Mad At The World. Our lead character snaps after a series of disappointments and frustrations. He is then joined by a fun loving and admittedly quirky man, (look at those clothes) who takes him on an adventure with the promise of[…]

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Lovepsych || Daily Short Picks


A quirky, but melancholic drama about two office lovers, Marceline and Frances, played by Tana Ferreira and Frans van Wyk. With absolute no dialog between the characters, it is a captivating, unusual short film about the uncontrollable lust to kill and deceived looks. Will love conquer all, or will vices[…]

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The Moped Diaries | Featured Short Film

The Moped Diaries

A short film about loosing everything you love and starting over. We’ve always said it, a good story could be a story you heard a thousand times, just in a way you haven’t heard it before. ‘The Moped Diaries’ is a simple film about losing everything you love and starting[…]

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Bingo Night

Directed by Jordan Liebowitz and produced by Ryan Heraly, Bingo Night features Lynne Stewart (“Bridesmaids”, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”), Mindy Sterling (“Austin Powers”, “Legit“) and Brenda Pickleman (“Groundhog Day”, “US Marshalls”). Shot in Madison, WI, Bingo Night tells the story of Ethel, an unrelenting retiree on the brink of[…]

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