The Discovery of Alan Hindley || Featured Short Film

The Discovery of Alan Hindley

A ham radio enthusiast discovers a mysterious object that might be a window into another world. One day, a mysterious object falls from the sky, crashing into Alan’s backyard. The object begins to manipulate Alan’s perception giving him a glimpse into a disturbing alternate version of his own reality. While[…]

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Daily Short Picks || Intersection


Two road construction workers flag for non existent vehicles on a remote, desert intersection. The monotony of their day is smashed by the violent arrival of an object from the sky.

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Lichen | Featured Short Film


Exploring the idea of the memory of objects, and how through chance and coincidence, infinitely small decisions can produce new life. ‘Lichen’ is a calming film without dialogue. Rather we are immersed with exquisite photography and a tender audio. The image tells this formidable story of how the smallest decisions[…]

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