A young man’s night takes an eventful turn after a mysterious object appears in his backyard.

Directors Statement

The inspiration for this film stemmed from a curiosity of time travel and a simple desire to see a project through to the end. If there’s anything I’ve learned about filmmaking over the past few years, it’s that it’s easy to come up with ideas but incredibly difficult to execute them. I had always talked about making short films; however, my ideas seldom made it past the writing stage. One day in the summer of 2018, I hit my breaking point and knew that I had to make a film. I started coming up with creative limitations: just one character interacting with an interesting prop, a story that could be told mainly through visuals rather than dialogue, and most importantly, something that could be shot in one night. Also, it had to be set in the 1980s! This is a time-traveling Sci-Fi film after all. Luckily, my friends shared the same vision, and after many difficulties and delays, we had a finished movie by winter.

My hope is that this film will instill a sense of wonder and mystery in viewers, while prompting difficult questions. “If I had the ability to travel in time, where would I go and what would I do?” Personally, I would go back to to August 25th of 2018 and make sure that I had 2 days to shoot this, but that’s just me.