Not(e) for a Dreamer // Featured Short Film

Not(e) for a Dreamer

Changing of seasons reflect the transition from childhood into adulthood. Anaïs voices her feelings with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. Anaïs is fully aware that things are changing, though not entirely sure to what extent. Each season represents a specific time in one’s life: spring full of the carelessness[…]

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Not The End of The World || Daily Short Picks

Not The End of The World

Joe Connoly’s little life is thrown upside down one morning at the arrival of a note in class. ‘I THINK U R CUTE’.

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Online Premiere | for Annabelle

For Annabelle

A black comedy about a lovelorn writer who pens his suicide letter and hangs himself, FOR ANNABELLE was shot on 35mm with the assistance of a Kodak film grant.

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11 Minutes | Featured Short Film

11 Minutes

A shooter goes on a rampage, but is it all real or just in his head? Tom Botchii created this film with a rather unique challenge in mind: How does one tackle a controversial issue while simultaneously closing a chapter on their own life? This film is an example of[…]

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11 minutes

Filmmaker uses own suicide note as script for workplace shooting short film. The story: A shooter goes on a rampage, but is it real or just in his head? The challenge: What if instead of using a script – you used something more personal to set the tone and to[…]

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The Silent Note - Featured Short Film

The Silent Note

‘In Film and in Life, the story is the King’. A boy struggles to impress his piano instructor until he finds new motivations through his mother’s misfortune.

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(Notes On) Biology

A student gets bored in biology class, after a few scribbles his notebook gets taken over by a robot elephant.

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