A shooter goes on a rampage, but is it all real or just in his head?

Tom Botchii created this film with a rather unique challenge in mind: How does one tackle a controversial issue while simultaneously closing a chapter on their own life? This film is an example of what would happen if directors used something more personal to set the tone of their stories, rather than a script.

11 Minutes is voiced by Tom’s own suicide note he had written over 15 years ago, that he has turned into the base of his script.

This was done to attach a personal element to the story & give it a realistic feel, which is something missing from most films and shorts today. It allowed us to go about the production of the film in a whole new way. Using something personal & working off of that, rather than working off of a typical script. People tend to shoot the ideas they have that they think are aesthetically pleasing. How about trying to make something aesthetically pleasing, that’s not meant to be?

Although very sensitive, the outcome is magnificent. The world (myself included) cringes when talking or even showing anything inciting a killing rampage, but Tom invites a rather imaginative perception of what goes through the mind of someone who has nothing to lose. Rafael Siegel plays the twisted and difficult role of the protagonist marvellously and is supported by simply stellar photography, which both play a tremendous role bringing the already ingenious script together.