A Touching Story of Unconditional Love

In Film and in Life, the story is the King‘. This is what the team of 4 students, Chathra Weeraman, Shahin Ghahremani, Tristan Yap & Calvin Koh from the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Multimedia University, in Malaysia, had as a premise for a final year project that took over 8 months to create.

In short, this is exactly what the team set out to do. Carefully setting up a story about a boy named Romy, who was only 10 when he had his first piano lessons under Herr Ludwig. Ludwig, however, realized that Romy has no gift in music. After a series of unpleasant confrontations, Ludwig was finally relieved at the sight of Romy yielding. Alas, an end to his frustration. Or so he thought for the following months… Until there was a knock on his door.

We, as a group, were initially directing our thoughts towards effective storytelling approaches during the pre-production and story development stage. Many researches conducted on the subject revealed numerous industry standards of storytelling that have been used over the years by many world-renowned industry pioneers, like Walt Disney, Pixar studios, etc.

The team created a non-linear flow that maximizes and keeps the viewers attention at the highest level throughout the entire six minutes. Adding the musical drama just strengthens the film’s narrative into a deeper level, brilliantly executing the high and low moments of the story.

Changes in time and space were relatively shown with contrast to one another. Thus, applying a wide range of color schemes depending on the mood and feel of a particular scene. Even though the characters inherit minimal movement, a great deal of effort was given for capturing appropriate body language and subtleties.

The Silent Note will silently capture your heart with its music, style and particularly emotional story.