Kong's || Featured Short Film


A low level criminal makes a bad decision leading to serious consequences. Kong’s is a short film built on brute emotion by filmmaker Ian Schiller, who used his home town of Santa Cruz, California, as a backbone to his storyline. Santa Cruz is a town where the tech billions of[…]

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Gear | Featured Short Film


A young girl fights for survival in the back alleys of the city, and her only ally: an old broken down construction robot named Three. Held in a cyberpunk gritty future, Gear is a thrilling science fiction film that thrives on an unusual relation between a young fugitive girl and[…]

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Daily Short Picks || Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

Can you be seduced to kill? This neo-noir thriller explores the cat-and-mouse nature of a secret relationship and stars Girstin Bergquist, Matty Finochio and Tony Okungbowa.

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Daily Short Picks | Last Exit

Last Exit

A modern neo-noir thriller about the dangerous exit from a life of crime.

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A reclusive older man is on the hunt for a vicious serial killer in neon-lit Berlin. A neo Giallo short. yellowthemovie.co.uk facebook.com/yellowthemovie

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Blue Borsalino | Crowdfunding We Dig

Blue Borsalino

A private detective fails to prevent an attack on a young woman. Years later, she wakes from a coma. It’s time to tell the truth… BLUE BORSALINO is a neo-noir detective film set in the present day with flashbacks to the 1960s, written and directed by Mark Lobatto. It’s a[…]

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Spreading Thin

Darryl is overworked…and when you’re a “cleaner,” you gotta work quietly, quickly…no mess. But he’s getting sloppy, and with one more hit before ringing in the New Year, Darryl about to send his career out with a BANG. Inspired by Jean-Pierre Melville‘s “Le Samourai,” Luc Besson “Leon: The Professional” and[…]

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Malignant Separation

After his foster father and mentor Jack Romanelli is killed, alcholic vigilante Boris Jackson decides to take matters into his own hands to restore some type of sanity in a city over run by corruption and greed… A Neo Noir film that asks the question “Do you believe in killing[…]

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