A self-destructive young man’s reckless ambitions of search for a lost love leads him deep into a rabbit hole

30 minutes may be a lot to ask for in terms of short films, but starting off with the right intriguing scene and engaging camera work – and the pace is easily set for the other 29 minutes which should fluently run by. Acid Fantasy is a film about a self-destructive young man who gets caught up into a mystery while searching for a lost love.

With Acid Fantasy, I wanted to make a unique kind of neo-noir film. Take the genre and find a way to give it a new and different perspective, but still keeping its distinctive core elements, such as the tone, ‘detective-esque’ aspect, crime element, and femme fatale presence.

Our main goal is to adapt it into a feature film. That’s why we wanted to give a full proof of concept experience to the viewer through an entire 29 minutes running time that could embody the essence of what the overall feature might feel like, instead that simply shooting an extract from the final script. We wanted to set the tone and atmosphere that could be the base on which to develop the entire film.

Just like in his previous film ‘Sugar Land‘, director Lorenzo Lanzillotti creates a story that can be seen in many different ways depending on the perception you take. Don’t look for a logic thread, in dreams, you won’t find none.

On the development of it I’ve been strongly influenced by the Korean new wave, Hitchcock, Lynch, and in particular amongst all, Kubrick, whose legendary body of work is my single source of inspiration and chase.
Acid Fantasy is to be experienced in a very personal and subjective way. I ask the audience not to look for a specific logic thread, instead find your own way and interpretation of it, as every single frame of the film, from a visual to an audio standpoint has been meticulously constructed to allow the viewer to find many different angles to look at it.