A young girl fights for survival in the back alleys of the city, and her only ally: an old broken down construction robot named Three.

Held in a cyberpunk gritty future, Gear is a thrilling science fiction film that thrives on an unusual relation between a young fugitive girl and an unlikely robot ally. Gripping from beginning to end, the lens-flaring short paces through a dynamic and edgy rural landscape sharply brought together by the vision of directors Joe Ksander & Narineh Hacopian.

GEAR is meant to both stand on it’s own, but also hint at a larger world that we can continue to explore in film and television. We wanted to take advantage of our background in visual effects and animation, but tell a story that is more concerned with it’s characters than its VFX.

Despite lacking a relationship building development between the main characters, the prototype film places us in the dead centre of a bigger story, leaving room for our own interpretation while clearly closing some evident gaps. Heavily armed with supplementary visual effects work to illuminate the gritty style, the true glory of the CGI come about halfway through the film when we encounter the loving and enormous construction robot; Three.