Deux Dollars // Short Film Trailer

Deux Dollars (Two Dollars)

After a week of leave, Sylvie is back at the Quebec company where she has been an exemplary employee for more than 15 years. She is then requested to attend a bizarre meeting. Premiering July 10!

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Have It All // Daily Short Picks

Have It All

Have It All is the true story of one meeting, one baby, and one big myth. In this five-minute action comedy, a simple phone call is enough to catapult Jill down an impossible path until she discovers that the real enemy she’s up against…is expectation. Director’s Statement I’m a writer/director/actress,[…]

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The Meeting // Daily Short Picks

The Meeting

Murder, Blackmail and a Shit Sandwich! Directors Statement Would you eat a Shit Sandwich? The question that started it all – the genesis of a darkly funny look inside a media agency and the characters who work within it. Making my debut short film felt like an accumulation of my[…]

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For The Time Being // Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage

For The Time Being

Roman deals with alcohol and economical problems.The meeting with Mel will make him wonder about who he his and what he would like to change in his life.

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The Service Elevator // Daily Short Picks

The Service Elevator

On her way to a life-changing meeting, Claire takes a moment of meditation in the quiet solitude of the service elevator. Her focus is interrupted when she is abruptly joined by a manic stranger. Claire struggles to regain her calm, finding peace in the knowledge that elevator rides don’t last[…]

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Untold || Daily Short Picks


A tense meeting between two lovers as their relationship hits the rocks.

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Lost and Found

Strong-arm John Carrel (Under the Dome’s Mike Vogel) attempts to procure information regarding the whereabouts of his employer’s daughter. Part 2 can be seen here:

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Love Me Tinder | Short Film Trailer

Love Me Tinder

A dark comedy about an encounter between two lonely strangers. Being lonely is hard. We watch a young man spend an awkward evening with an older woman after they match on a dating app. Meeting each other is the easy part, but as their night progresses, connecting proves to be[…]

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Clown Nose Theory

The future of a Fortune 500 company hangs in the balance as a battle of wills plays out in a tense standoff between the forces of greed and a soft spongy red ball.

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The Gentleman Darks | Featured Short Film

The Gentleman Darks

When a fabled man in their rough backwoods named Gentleman calls on them, Abel & Sam nervously head out to the darks to investigate. ‘The Gentleman Darks’ is an incredibly moody piece that will have you lurking on with almost no explanation. We are placed in the middle of a[…]

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