Anna and Tom meet with a priest to plan their wedding

The pre-wedding priest meeting between a couple is always an interesting adventure. Particularly these modern days, where lying seems to be inescapable. ‘Together’ brings out all the awkwardness and fragility that couples can encounter when faced with certain questions that they typically don’t dare to ask beforehand.

I wanted to explore the lengths that some people will go to please their partners, even at the expense of their own happiness –– and how even the most well-intentioned lies can have damaging consequences. I also wanted to examine how couples navigate tough issues like religion and differing values.

Together is written by Meg Cashel and Brett Cramer, and directed by Brett. The film borrows a similar tone from Brett’s previous short ‘It’s Been a While‘ – in which Meg also stars in, but certainly entails its own psychological unfolding. Neatly photographed to sharply capture the emotions and expressions, but the film finds most of its pace through Meg’s rambling breakdown – a splendid performance.