Have It All is the true story of one meeting, one baby, and one big myth.
In this five-minute action comedy, a simple phone call is enough to catapult Jill down an impossible path until she discovers that the real enemy she’s up against…is expectation.

Director’s Statement

I’m a writer/director/actress, and last year, I also became a mom. Five months in, in the midst of some extreme sleep deprivation, I realized that being a creative person felt impossible–especially if I had to constantly stop to change diapers. I decided to double down. How can I possibly make a film with a five-month-old? The answer was to make a film WITH the five-month-old. This is that film, based on a morning that actually happened to me. We shot the film over 2 days in LA on the RED Monstro. We had a super-lean, super-talented crew that was totally flexible working with a baby (although on Day 2, my son stayed home and I just had four 5-pound bags of flour in a car seat). I realized it was important to me to tell a story about how the baby is not the enemy, and the guys I work with who didn’t understand aren’t the enemy either. The expectation is the enemy. And there’s endless comedy in the sisyphean task of just trying to get out the door on your way to the perfect “work-life balance.” This was the most mundane and yet the most high-stakes part of my day–and I hadn’t seen someone deal with that on screen. I guess I also hadn’t seen enough songs on the toilet. Welcome to my life.