Lost // Daily Short Picks


A man tries to keep in touch with a woman through an old radio while being pursued by a mysterious black-clad group in a post-apocalyptic world where art has been destroyed. Director’s Statement Playing with lights and shadows is like writing poetry. I love transmitting feelings and putting up atmospheres[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Today Was Bad

Today Was Bad – Emmett

TODAY WAS BAD is a series of episodic short films that explore the thematic idea of “Man vs. Himself.” By walking the line between darkly funny and laughably sad, the series examines the sensitive breaking points of human beings. Each installment is a melodramatic approach to a sketch concept, allowing[…]

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Daniel, a young man with Asperger Syndrome, encounters a nearby hangout which affects his life of routine. facebook.com/hendersonfilms twitter.com/PetriceGraham instagram.com/petricegraham headlightshortfilm.com.au petricegraham.com

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A man and woman cope with their first days out of paradise.

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The Enemy of the Good

Fueled by his lust for Women, a young man dives into the Viennese Nightlife. theenemyofthegood.com facebook.com/theenemyofthegood imdb.com/title/tt4374972

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Kerry is a train driver, she is on sick leave due to a trauma at work. While roaming the train network to make sense of her tragedy she meets a man who understands her. aninstantfilm.com facebook.com/pages/Instant-Film twitter.com/Instantfilmprod

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Man | Featured Short Film


On the verge of forced retirement, a worn-out, ageing shearer, who once rained king of the high country, gets on the gear to keep up his numbers. When watching ‘Man’ we quickly grasp the overall production value of the film, where the attention to detail are subtly strutted through. The[…]

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Pluto and the Vessel

I lived in a 15ft by 15ft room for 2 years. I made a film there. The film is about finishing. It’s about failing. It’s about living alone in a really small room. facebook.com/plutoandthevessel facebook.com/BAWSYAnimation

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The Man on the Moor | Short Film Trailer

The Man On The Moor

In going to the aid of another, a sick and troubled man finds peace and comfort. facebook.com/themanonthemoor imdb.com/title/tt2966326

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A Dream I Had

A man has a chance encounter with his ex-girlfriend, who happens to have had a baby since their separation. Award winning British film about the nature of true love, and the difference, if any, between coincidence and fate. imdb.com/title/tt2770842

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