A man tries to keep in touch with a woman through an old radio while being pursued by a mysterious black-clad group in a post-apocalyptic world where art has been destroyed.

Director’s Statement

Playing with lights and shadows is like writing poetry. I love transmitting feelings and putting up atmospheres through the photography. I’m a cinematographer but this time I wanted to direct a very visual story and I always have a certain weakness for apocalyptic and dystopic stories. My hometown was going through an awfully hard dry season and I hadn’t never seen so desert and I chose to shoot in the surrounding of my hometown since my goal with this short film was create a deteriorated atmosphere with cloudy and desolate landscape where my character wander alone.

I shot a rainy week and the certain hours of the day to transmit that feeling of loneliness. Due to the rain, we had to stop shooting quite a few times and we even had no choice but to shoot under deluges because we ran out of natural light.

I’m not used to being a director but I’m very proud of the result and the
work that the crew has made despite the problems we encounter.