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Nathan’s relationship with Ellie is pushed to the limit as he struggles to make sense of his inner turmoil.

How do you care for someone when their mind is under attack? In Sorry You Have To See This, director Josh Leong takes a stunningly raw and emotionally visceral look at the toll mental health challenges take on both the individuals who suffer and those who love them

Director’s Vision for ‘Sorry You Have to See This’

SORRY YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS was the most difficult story I’ve ever tried to tell. Largely inspired by my battle with anxiety and depression, this film forced me to confront a part of my life that I usually try to hide from others. Years ago, thoughts in my head were hell-bent on convincing me that I would only ever hurt and burden the people I love. Memories from that time have felt overwhelming and heartbreaking – often tainted by broken relationships and lost hope – but this film has become an act of resistance and healing for me. I wanted to reflect my journey through messy, complicated people, and the result is a piece that is part-worst nightmare and part-saving grace. It’s an imperfect, heart-on-my-sleeve attempt to show people that they’re not alone, even in their worst moments.

If you or someone you know is feeling depressed or suicidal, don’t remain silent. There is help available and you’re not alone. Talk to someone you can trust through the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by calling or texting 988.