Subverse // Daily Short Picks


One Man’s Odyssey of Online Depravity. Director’s Statements These days so many sci-fi short films have impressive, glossy, Hollywood-style VFX; so with SUBVERSE we’re attempting to do something different. Something stripped back and minimal that’s all about the storytelling. We want to reignite that raw, rebellious, low-fi attitude of late[…]

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I Know You From Somewhere // Featured Short Film

I Know You From Somewhere

A young woman incurs the wrath of the internet after inadvertently becoming a viral sensation. In this savage social media era we all know how quickly things can spread virally. ‘I Know You From Somewhere’ follows Katherene, a young woman looking for love in the usual online spots. What begins[…]

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Offline || Daily Short Picks


Kevin is annoyed that he has to spend his afternoon teaching his Grandma how to use the World Wide Web, so he decides to leave it to herself to learn. However, with only a few instructions left by her Grandson, Grandma accidentally deletes the Internet. “Offline” is a satirical short[…]

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World Wide Woven Bodies || Daily Short Picks

World Wide Woven Bodies

At the end of the 90s the Internet comes to Northern Norway and coincides with the sexual awakening of young Mads (12). The introduction of porno into his life complicates his relationship to his parents, and their house becomes a minefield filled with uncomfortable interactions. Part of a series of[…]

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Cat Face || Short Film Trailer

Cat Face

An unassuming vigilante born through supernatural means decides to take revenge on a violent cult of internet serial killers.

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Just The One of Us | Featured Short Film

Just The One of Us

While surfing the internet one day, Byron stumbles upon a facial recognition app that allows him to identify his doppelgänger then use social media to track him down. When I think of Paul Trillo I suddenly think that something bizarre is about to happen. He mystifies us once again in[…]

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Girl #9

A stark, minimal story set in the one roomed apartment of a student tenant. To supplement her income she has a less than respectable job in the online sex industry. When her elusive landlord fails to fix the lighting or her internet connection, her frustration turns to fear, highlighting that[…]

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Phoebe is condemned to a life of loneliness due to a rare condition that prevents her from being exposed to light. Her only window to the outside world is an internet video blog and her online friends. But when a mysterious visitor invades her home and threatens to expose her[…]

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ROFLMAO is the story of an internet hook up. A woman and a man meet for the first time. However, it is apparent they have spoken at length before on the phone and via email. These two familiar strangers have met over some unmentioned but obviously adult orientated website. Each[…]

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Russian Roulette

London seems a little less lonely when Lucy meets a cosmonaut on chat roulette…

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