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One Man’s Odyssey of Online Depravity.

Director’s Statements

These days so many sci-fi short films have impressive, glossy, Hollywood-style VFX; so with SUBVERSE we’re attempting to do something different. Something stripped back and minimal that’s all about the storytelling. We want to reignite that raw, rebellious, low-fi attitude of late night public access TV and early web design / digital art.

Typically, when Virtual Reality is depicted in movies – like The Matrix or Ready Player One – it’s seen as a slick, coherent world that’s been designed by a single, god-like creator. But that’s not our experience of the internet. The world of SUBVERSE is a glitchy, chaotic kaleidoscope of competing styles. A free-market virtual reality where anything goes.

For this reason, we’re planning to release green-screen edits for certain sequences of the show – so our audience can get creative and re-design the environment. Who knows what will happen? But if we like what is produced, we’ll re-edit and re-post our movie to include the altered scenes – which we feel will better capture the open-source aesthetic of the Internet. It would be great to find regular animators, designers and illustrators we can collaborate with for future episodes and turn SUBVERSE into a truly community-created adventure.

The film was designed to be watched on small screen, you can download the episodes to watch on the go on iTunes.

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