STREAM tells the story of a beauty influencer called Marina celebrating her 20K followers by doing a live Q&A. One of her followers insists on bringing up a past project of hers in the horror genre and when she decides to talk about it, something weird starts to happen during her livestream.

Director’s Statement

For a while now I wanted to reimagine my earlier work with GIRLS NIGHT and the mask of Bloody Mary. I talked with Marina de Sousa to see if she was interested in coming back into a new, fun and modern twist where she would play herself as a social media influencer. She was excited and STREAM came along pretty quickly. Just like Wes Craven’s NEW NIGHTMARE, Marina plays herself as being famous online while her past life as an actress from a horror project comes back to life… I suggest watching STREAM on your phone or tablet and don’t be afraid to watch it all over again to catch what you may have missed the first time!

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