Every Moment Counts // Daily Short Picks

Every Moment Counts

A woman finds out she has terminal cancer with weeks to live, not wanting to stay in hospital for treatment she embarks on a road trip to die on her own terms, but things turn very quickly.

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The Pooka // Featured Short Film

The Pooka

In a desperate attempt to aid a lost soul, a benevolent oversized rabbit must find a way to rekindle a forgotten spark. When a benevolent oversized rabbit finds himself at a mysteriously empty and grim house, he uncovers a solitary woman burrowed in a dark place. Not content to leave[…]

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They wait For Us // Short Film Trailer

They Wait For Us

In an end-of-life care facility, a reclusive hospital worker starts to believe a coma patient is secretly communicating with him.

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2BR02B: To Be or Naught to Be // Daily Short Picks

2BR02B: To Be or Naught To Be

“2BR02B: To Be or Naught To Be” is a short film inspired in the classic Kurt Vonnegut’s science fiction tale. This award winning film set in a dystopian future where population is strictly controlled tells the story of a father who waits for his children to be born. In a[…]

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At Dawn || Daily Short Picks

At Dawn

The world around Jon is not the same as ours. Jon is an insomniac working nights delivering ice to bars and hospitals in London, an outsider Jon constantly self-medicates with sleeping pills, perpetually in a dream-like state. Strange things happen in dreams. When not working Jon obsesses over a homeless[…]

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When The Sun Rises || Daily Short Picks

When The Sun Rises

A man’s world shatters as he makes his way to see his wife at the hospital for the birth of their child.

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Into Memory || Daily Short Picks

Into Memory

Danny Stafen is a young man dying of leukemia. On the day he is released from the hospital for hospice at his home, his friends and family throw a surprise gathering for him in an effort to create one last heartfelt memory of them all for him. Into Memory is[…]

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Mother’s hospital bills piling up. A boy must make a choice that will define his life forever. INSTAGRAM.com/byhyped • TWITTER.com/highconcepts_ INSTAGRAM.com/incrediblydopesince99 • TWITTER.com/ValidThoughts

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Into Memory

When a dying young man is released from the hospital for hospice, his closest friends and family surprise him with one last memory.

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The First Wave | Featured Short Film

The First Wave

The cure is just the beginning We’ve probably seen every type of zombie apocalypse film possible, but every once in a while we get a film that joyously surprises us. The First Wave did just that, with an intriguing, suspenseful and terrifying storyline, following the outbreak of an aggressive virus,[…]

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