A car drives down a lonely rural road. Chattering away behind the wheel is Kyle; in the backseat (with a gaping stomach wound) is Paul. He begs Kyle to just shut up and take him to the hospital. Kyle agrees, of course… but not until after they make a quick stop to rob a gas station. In fact, that’s why Paul was injured in the first place- so he couldn’t say no. That’s what a best friend would do, right? After some spirited debate on the issue, Paul eventually agrees to keep a look out. Maybe he’s truly seen Kyle’s side of things, or maybe it’s the effect of massive blood loss. Either way it looks like Kyle has found his friend, and he proudly marches into the gas station with a smile on his face.

Director’s Statement

I was kind of taken by the challenge of creating a film about someone trying to make a friend in the middle of a crazy situation like a robbery, and maybe trying to make that story more interesting than the robbery itself. It’s like a weird little love story, and I’m happy with how the script and performances turned out. Michael and Kym did a killer job, I don’t think either role was an easy one to play.

Like any low-budget project there were a few hiccups (including an actual robbery the day before our shoot, and a fractured finger) but the important thing is I think we got an audience onboard with a sociopathic criminal. Which I think is what this filmmaking game is really all about.