New to Los Angeles, an aspiring music supervisor has a chance to leave his soul-sucking day job as a waiter behind and live his dream. But while reluctantly attending a holiday party, he meets a beautiful stranger and his sharp focus begins to soften.

Director’s Statement

If you live in Los Angeles and are from the Midwest, like me, the holidays are just weird. The weather doesn’t really change much and since very few people actually grew up here, almost everyone leaves town for what seems like a month-and-a-half. It can put you in a peculiar mental state.

This film all started with trying to write a funny song for a live performance at a friend’s holiday show years ago. I had so much fun writing that song that I felt like I wanted to create a narrative the song could fit into somehow.

And that’s how A Seasonal Thing was born.

This is a story about day jobs, night life and being confident enough to seize on a moment when it presents itself. Because although you may get another chance to be in that moment again, you might wish you hadn’t.