Harmless // Crowdfunding Pick


Harmless is a short mystery and psychological thriller film who follows Hannah, a 9 years old little girl who accidentally hurts her little sister Lucy while playing in the attic. Lucy has to wear a bandage on her face, and Hannah starts to fear her like a ghost who wants[…]

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Alfred J Hemlock // Daily Short Picks

Alfred J Hemlock

When Emily’s boyfriend abandons her in the night, her only way home is through an alleyway where she is terrorized by the mysterious entity Alfred J Hemlock. Director’s Statement When I was a young boy my mother told me the story of how one night she had been chased home[…]

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Monitor // Featured Short


A sleep-deprived corner store clerk wonders if he’s seeing things when a man mysteriously appears on his security camera feed… but not in the store itself. Monitor is a psychological-horror short directed by Ryan Polly and Matt Black. Despite it’s tight concept and minimalistic nature, the film is packed with[…]

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Ghosting Tips For Ghosts // Daily Short Picks

Ghosting Tips for Ghosts

An instructional video for the recently deceased shows how to accomplish the true objective of being a ghost: how to fall off of the face of the earth completely to avoid someone you’ve recently been dating. This experimental media short was made with watercolor, sandpaper, spray paint, and digital, in[…]

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Urn // Daily Short Picks


A distressed daughter visits a secluded lake to scatter her mother’s ashes. Very soon it becomes clear that not only was their relationship deeply troubled, but that the mother has no intention of leaving her daughter behind. Director’s Statement Urn is inspired by the classic BBC Christmas ghost stories which[…]

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Many Moons // Featured Short

Many Moons

Shot during a REAL solar eclipse, Many Moons depicts a regret filled man who discovers his only chance to reconnect with the ghost of his wife is during the 1 minute and 50 seconds of totality under the shadow of the moon. Many Moons depicts a regret filled man who[…]

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Condemned // Daily Short Picks


After his wife’s murder, a haunted man is gifted with the ability to walk in the world of the living and the dead through her. Now, he finds peace by helping the dead find missing objects that allow them to move on in the afterlife. Director’s Statement Condemned began with[…]

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Ghost in The Shell // Featured Short Film

Give Up The Ghost

Bonnie and Clyde in dystopia. ‘Give Up The Ghost’ visualises a cold near-future cityscape, set against the brutalist, concrete architecture of South East London. The four minute short film, shot on super 16mm and scored by London band Imperial Daze, depicts the story of a fugitive couple on the run[…]

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