Following the death of his father, Alfie’s relationship with his mother is tenuous, but when he claims that his father has returned, fact becomes hard to discern from fiction.

Director’s Vision

Directing ‘The Erl King’ was like no other short film I’ve experienced before, starting out with a beautiful initial script by writer Marisol Suarez, it was as if the story itself was fighting to be told. For every new avenue of development that we explored, it was as if the story was already a step ahead of us: that we were uncovering the story rather than telling it. There would be a suggestion of “what if…” in pre-production upon which all the pieces of the puzzle we weren’t even aware we were solving would fall into play. At the time we joked that the film had a mind of its own, that it was possessed. In reality, it was the result of a strong original concept and a strong team behind it, absolutely devoted to telling it to its full potential. It is down to this talented team of cast and crew that the film exists as it does today, along with the generous support of our IndieGoGo backers.