Zackman // Daily Short Picks


Someone in the later century wants to define the meaning of the will. Then, he finds limbs from people who are superior in different area with special abilities and joins the parts to form one complete body. He wants to see the five wills in five limbs fighting for one[…]

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Tomorrow // Featured Short


W.H.O. is turning off all kind of medicine to reduce earth population and save human kind and planet Intensity, chills and a wide open view of what our potential Tomorrow can be. Created by Kuba Michalczuk and steaming inspiration from the 30 day Musicbed Challenge, we were quite surprised to[…]

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TEDx Sydney: Legacy // Daily Short Pick

TEDx Sydney: Legacy

Created for TEDx Sydney’s 10th anniversary, the titles explore the theme of Legacy: wherein the past is preserved and gifted to the future. We store the knowledge of humankind in libraries. We conserve our art in museums and galleries. We hoard the genes of plants and seeds in the Svalbard[…]

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Blackbird // Daily Short Pick


Refugees seek shelter in a dystopian United States under terrorist control as a courier attempting to deliver letters outside of the country remembers a different life.

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Sally Ride // Short Film Trailer


Sally Ride series pilot, a story about a group of people on a colony trying to regain the suddenly terminated lines of connection to earth. The uncertainty about their future and what the problem is creates conflict, worries & trust issues.

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Ovum // Daily Short Picks


In the near future, a woman must make a life changing decision after a mind bending procedure. Director’s Statement I firmly believe great science fiction should hold a mirror to our society and challenge our deeply set traditions. That’s why I write humanistic sci-fi stories that take place in our[…]

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The Last Dance // Daily Short Pick

The Last Dance

In the not-too-distant future, an old man works alone in his garage – click-click-clicking the hours away on an old desktop computer. His name is Hugo, and he’s making something… Something great… Today, the not-too-distant future will become the not-too-distant past. Mastered in 4K resolution with spectacular digital effects from[…]

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The Seditionist // Daily Short Picks

The Seditionist

In a future-dystopian world known as Starkam, Eloy, a young survivor of the notorious “black-bagging”, plans to rescue his mother from a government medical facility. Director’s Statement I set myself one clear task with this film: “Make a mini blockbuster”. It was probably just an excuse for myself to unleash[…]

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Perfect Man // Daily Short Picks

Perfect Man

Set in the very near future, a virtual reality addicted girl must follow a government mandate to remove her VR headset for 3 hours. When her dismal reality sets in, she goes online and orders Perfect Man: a robotic humanoid love companion.

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