A homless man sits in a park at night drinking. He is drawn into the dark by a strange force and confonted by his past, one of the 3 norns Urðr. She shows him the broken threads of his fate.

Director’s Vision for ‘Urðr’

The project began (like most of my work) out of a simple practice in character design and a vague idea for a scene. I had rewatched Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers the night before and was fascinated by the old white-haired homeless man that features briefly. I decided to centre a film around my interpretation of him. I’m not sure I can exactly articulate what struck me about the character, but I felt something deeper and mystical. I felt he had an Odin-like quality, and I knew I wanted the story to be about his past and potential future. This led me to bring in Urðr one of the three Norns/fates. The film is left unresolved but on the surface is about facing his past and being presented with the broken threads of his fate.