Hometown // Daily Short Pick

Hometown: A Portrait of the American Opioid Epidemic

An intimate look at the human faces of America’s current opioid epidemic. Seen through the eyes of a mother and the lens of a small town. Director’s Statement We set out to make a film that puts a human face to this tragic epidemic. A lot of people tend to[…]

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Outsider / Daily Short Picks


Supari Studios in Association with Mai Family Services, recently released an animated PSA film ‘Outsider’ which addresses the issue of domestic violence and abuse. The script, a spoken word poem, captures the turmoils of a young South Asian woman who faces abuse once she relocates to America. The film uses[…]

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It Turns Out || Daily Short Picks

It Turns Out

“It Turns Out” is a visual poem about love and America, written by ZAPATA and directed by Olivia Curry.

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Horn || Daily Short Picks


A young man’s encounter with a motorcycle-riding caretaker launches him on a hallucinatory, spiritual journey through the backlands of America.

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Six Degrees || Daily Short Picks

Six Degrees

“Six degrees of separation” is the theory of how everybody is connected, in six steps or less. Where can a journey through the six degrees take you, if you let random encounters decide your path? This observing documentary puts the theory to the test, and brings you along on a[…]

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How Do You Raise a Black Child? || Daily Short Picks

How Do You Raise a Black Child?

Entitled How Do You Raise A Black Child?, this pensive, powerful and beautifully filmed short based on the poem by Cortney Lamar Charleston, observes a mother and son in their daily rhythms under circumstances specific to young black boys becoming men in America. One in which innocence, good intentions and[…]

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Grand Zero | Daily Short Picks

Grand Zero

It’s not a cult. It’s America. A family man returns to his hometown to discover he’s the last person in town who’s not part of a legendary network marketing pyramid scheme. And everyone– EVERYONE– wants him in.

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ETA | Short Film Trailer


A family in small town America places more than their faith in the hands of an enigmatic leader. facebook.com/ETAShortFilm

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Daily Short Picks | Our People

Our People

An exploration of humanity in America. twitter.com/paynelindsey paynelindsey.com

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In an America where everyone has superpowers, Andy, the only kid who doesn’t have one, struggles to escape a group of bullies led by Sofia, who just wants to make Andy’s life more miserable than it already is. But what begins as an ordinary ‘everyday’ beating ends up spiraling out[…]

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