Returning home after years, a daughter finds her mother’s Birkin with a letter inside. Inside the letter, the mother reminisces about her past in Vietnam, and the challenges of raising her daughter in America. She writes about how while she felt lost as a Vietnamese immigrant, her daughter guided her to find home once more.

Director’s Vision

Growing up, my mother taught me to value each and every moment as its own potential story. Through storytelling, we’re able to make these moments special to us and the people around us. The Birkin bag, as she’d point out, was the perfect example: A simple, functional, elegant bag captivating the world with its rich history.

With this project, I’m reconnecting with my own roots as much as the daughter of the story is to hers. Starring my real-life mom and grandma, we’ve made a love letter to Vietnamese-Americans and to mothers and daughters. While we focus on our Vietnamese-American identity, our story is just as universal as it is specific. With our film, our audience will see that through embracing our culture, our heritage, and our stories, we are fully realized.

The purse is not just a purse. It’s a Birkin. Just like how the mother and the daughter are not just immigrants. They’re not just refugees.

They’re Vietnamese-Americans.