An idyllic 1950s American family is forced to confront the harsh realities of the world around them

It’s the 1950’s and America is great. Well sort of. ‘The Great Family’ is an incredible look back at when everything seemed perfect through the lens of a family sitcom. But director Gus Kriger didn’t stop rolling, and the great American family takes a dirty twist when reality kicks in. Laughs turn into cringes within seconds, and then into horror. The short film shines a grim spotlight on American history, showcasing the incredible contrast on how we remember the 50’s. Mostly through similar family television shows and movies, and the reality of racist communities struggling with a changing world.

This film was made possible through the generosity of the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, Panavision, and Light Iron, who supplied equipment, time, and effort as part of an overall package awarded at their 2018 festival. Our goal with THE GREAT FAMILY was to create a piece of storytelling that delved deep into the question of when exactly our country was truly at its best… and just what that might have meant for all involved.