Animal // Featured Short


In a near future, Jawak leads a recluse life with a strange animal he’s taking care of. At night, haunted by a painful childhood accident, he prepares his vengeance… Every once in a while we get a short film that breathes aspirations and brings innovation to the world of Science[…]

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Maddie // Daily Short Picks


A typical Saturday night for twenty-something Maddie becomes a battle between who she is and who she could become. Director’s Statement Maddie was inspired by a traumatic incident I witnessed in Brooklyn, NY and the film explores what happens after surviving a tragic experience, and how one finds herself again.

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Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

In the wake of his brother’s death, a quiet high schooler navigates his small Texas town, all while knowing he is responsible for the accident. The film stars Tommy O’Brien, Bo Mitchell (Academy Award nominated DeKalb Elementary), Liana Liberato (Hulu’s Light As A Feather, To The Bone) and Abby Wathen.[…]

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Wooden Child // Daily Short Picks

Wooden child

On his way home to see his daughter a man hits a child on the road, The wooden child. Directors Statement Wooden child is my second independent short film, it started off with the idea of a child on the road hit by a car, a traumatic moment that gets[…]

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Final Thesis // Daily Short Picks

Final Thesis

From JG Film & Photo and Olson Entertainment Studios LLC we bring you our latest short film production, Final Thesis! Final Thesis follows the story of Ryan (Played by Rosario Corso), who refuses to allow his girlfriend Victoria (Played by Acei Martin) to be in his final thesis film project[…]

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Olive Juice // Daily Short Picks

Olive Juice

Clayton Farris, Atsuko, and Ryan Harper Gray star in this comedy of errors and save a relationship… by accident.

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Long Term Delivery // Featured Short Film

Long Term Delivery

A short comedy about a secret division of the United States Postal Service From Jake Honig, director of ‘Black Swell‘, we enter the world of highly dedicated workers of a perhaps dying sector. ‘Long Term Delivery‘ stars Peter Smith who plays Agent 4505, a United States Postal Service worker who[…]

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Windward // Daily Short Pick


A rising professional tennis player faces the greatest challenge of her life and must find herself again.

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Lilly White // Daily Short Picks

Lilly White

After her hands are severely damaged in an accident, an over-zealous hand model hatches an ill-conceived plan to get back in the extremity modeling game, with her feet. Director’s Statement I made this film because I have been deluded in the past, and still continue to be at times, about[…]

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Chapter 1: Liv // Daily Short Picks

Chapter 1: Liv

When Liv wakes up three weeks after a near fatal car accident, her mum tries to help her remember exactly what happened. What she soon discovers is that some things may be better left forgotten. Director’s Statement I want to challenge my audience. I love when you watch movies/tv series[…]

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