A young woman, Kira, wakes in an abandoned wasteland, severely injured, with absolutely no recollection of how she got there. As she struggles to stay alive, strange events begin to unfold that lead her to confront a frightening possibility.

Director’s Statement

I have been fascinated with the idea that patients within a coma can hear and feel for as long as I can remember, both on a personal level and the morality debate that is attached to questions of whether to end a life in such situations. Theresa’s beautiful screenplay captured, in an artistic and cinematic way, an imagining of Kira’s journey through this experience and what coming out of the other side might be.

During the making of this film I have confronted deeply personal subject matter for me, having experienced the difficulties of family bereavement as well as the loss of friends to tragedy in circumstances such as those depicted. This film is my wrestling with the of moments in life that seem unsalvageable, where all hope appears to be lost. Like Glass explores what it may be like to come back from the other side, and whether or not you could ever be the same in the knowledge that you awoke and somebody else did not.