Following a tragic accident, two damaged souls find each other in a dark, messed up situation. Isobel, a lonely young woman, is deeply affected when she witnesses her neighbour knocked from his bike by a van. Hours later in the dark hours of the morning she finds herself back at the scene of the accident, unable to sleep. There she meets her neighbour’s brother, and the two spend the evening together in an attempt to soothe the guilt and grief each feels. 

Directors Statement

Breathe was developed as a tonally dark drama focusing on the character of Isobel. With the film I wanted to explore themes of loneliness & obsession, and guilt & grief, and how these help calcify each other.

I wanted to look at how experiencing a tragic accident would affect a person who was already on the edge. The story is told through Isobel’s unreliable point of view. The line between truth and fiction is constantly blurred in what she says and how she acts both before the accident and then amplified afterwards.