Officer Arnaud loved his Mom.

Some films are just full of surprises. You can’t say there are many films out there that will make you cry a little, laugh a lot, and make you want to spend some time talking with those you love. Thunder Road is a masterpiece in achieving this glorious combination, all while placing you in an uncomfortable, but relatable situation. To push things even further, the film was shot in one un-relentless 15 minute take, all brought together by Jim Cumming who wrote, directed and performed in this memorable piece.

I loved watching films like Inside Out and tv like Summer Heights High because they made me laugh and cry and made me consider large issues in a funny way.

I really wanted to make something challenging because I know that would stand out. I really wanted to say something about America and legacy and parenthood and love.

Much of the film’s beauty comes in its un-stigmatic presentation, from situation to location, to character introductions and outros. However, the film’s undeniable power comes from the incredible performance by Jim Cummings, who dazzles us with his range of emotions and staggering dance moves. Watching Thunder Road once will definitely ignite some tears and giggles, but the almost improvised performance will give something new to discover every time you watch it.