Last survivor of destroyed starship meets with his enemy in the void.

The setting is obscure and disastrous, there is a lone survivor aboard a destroyed spaceship orbiting around a distant blue giant. Struggling and fighting for his life, the astronaut is waiting for a human rescue, where another day means another trip for resources.

The hard scifi style and lack of technology beyond simple bulky electronics, mechanical and chemical hardware are directly inspired by american manned moon program Apollo. The other inspirations for a design comes from games Homeworld, Starcraft
and movies like Terminator. Its a mix of things which together become something new. From artistic point of view the goal was to avoid to many curved shapes and create very mechanical simple kind of designs without colours and unnecessary markings.

Jakub’s work is rough and perhaps lacking the detail we have been getting used to see in modern CGI films. But we quickly realize that the lack of detail is not due to a lack of talent, rather a purposely created edgy environment which marks the lonely and chaotic setting. The curveless design also gives the film a unique style, while inspired from others, truly becomes it’s own entity.