Johnny Supro is a washed up taxi driver, tired with life and stuck in the underbelly of society

“Ghost Eye” wrestles through the fiery underbelly of society. Johnny Supro is a taxi-driving nobody struggling with pointlessness, booze, and insanity. He lives with Amber and Grace in chaos, codependency, and filth. Deep inside their madness there’s an unusual spark of beauty waiting to be discovered. One night Johnny listens to the insane story of a huge man with a bandaged arm. It’s going to be an intriguing ride. Directors Wouter Sel & Thijs De Cloedt paint a surreal and grim reality with little place for hope, driving their main character into insanity.

Filmmakers Motivation

Instead of pursuing that perfect 3 act story structure with a happy ending, we prefer taking people on a somewhat discomforting journey, exploring emotions that are rarely highlighted in films. Resentment, pointlessness and being completely stuck in life are feelings we can make a meaningful connection with. They hold an incredibly touching sentiment that is thoroughly worth talking about.

The film definitely takes us on a wild, raw and unique ride. Magnificently narrated by record producer and musician Chris Goss, ‘Ghost Eye’ really brings forward society’s misfits. The peculiar style was intensely crafted by Walter and Thijs, which intensified the story’s uncomfortable and filthy setting.

Ghost Eye’s Technique

Everything in the film is hand drawn. It’s a process that just can not be matched with any other technique. We really want the audience to feel the hands of the makers, because it contains that tiny, spontaneous piece of magic that adds so much character to the film.