A sheltered teenage girl’s life is turned on it’s head when a mysterious gang of greasers swarm into her sleepy suburb and she falls in love with their tough, handsome leader Frank.

Let’s face it, we all go through a phase where everything seems blasé and our existence seems pointless while we wait hopelessly for something incredible to happen to our lives; otherwise called the teenage years….or whatever happens while waiting to turn 21.

This particular short, shot in summer 2010 by Eddie O’Keefe and his crew captures the essence of the teenage years, featuring a girl numbed out by the monotony of her teenage life that discovers love after a gang of greasers arrive in town from the past, disturbing the small-town suburban lifestyle and mentality. As somewhat of a cross between West Side Story and Grease in terms of story, O’Keefe’s interesting take on it also demonstrates that the teenage blues are timeless.

The aspect I enjoyed the most in ‘The Ghosts’ is the way it was shot; not too clean, not too fast nor too slow, the acting is just sublime and candid, each actor fits perfectly into their role. These collaborators loved the story, loved playing their parts, and it transcends in this short. The sequences that are narrated are just easy to watch and make this familiar story (albeit a good story!) a definitely special and unique one.

Annnd, for your reading, viewing and culturing pleasure, I suggest readers to check out the The Teenage Head art collective, the production company that brought this featured short of the week, on their official website theteenagehead.com for some serious love for art and film.