How strange it is to be anything at all.

Illusions (Part One) is the first from a series of 8 short films. Without wanting to give away too much on the rest of the series, director Samm Hodges says he is exploring mythology in families, epistemology and the importance of story telling.

Sounds very obtuse, but I think people will be surprised with where this ends up.

– Director Samm Hodges

Samm is part of a commercial house called Animal, where their increasing goal is to focus on original content. The studio has won Sundance with their first documentary Blood Brother.

Illusions was filmed partly in Santiago, Chile, and partly in Pittsburgh, PA. It explores and explains illusions created by the mind and surrounding spaces, not a typical featured short at Film Shortage, but we really do enjoy a good optical mind trick, and the filming is also exquisite might I say.

Accompanied by a deep voice over by Bingo O’Malley tuned into the powerful voices of 1970’s documentaries.

Fascinating and inspiring, we look forward to watching the next piece!