Anna contemplates a big decision while waiting for someone in a cafe.

The movie was produced by Zen Design Studios and inspired by a documentary All About Mothers Inspired by a documentary exploring the relationship between mothers and their children (All About Mothers), and produced by Zen Design, Daniel Montanarini’s film is a rather simple but brilliantly executed sequence focusing on a single moment.

The script was based on discussion with The Sexy Lamp Society, a group of female artists based in London. Over the course of two evenings they discussed their views on motherhood in relation to their identity as women.

The goal of the short was to explore the very universal decision about whether to have children in a personal and subjective way.

Through the one shot, one setting and location, the film unfolds through its timing and choreography. While not as flamboyant as a choreographed flashmob, every single movement happening in and around the main character has a significant importance to the telling of the story. Then we got the particular play on lighting which really takes us on a such deeper level, and turning the story around on a dime. The cafe was built for the short film in order to allow for the lighting transition and have control for the choreography.