A 5 year old boy together with his father go on a journey at the end of which, similarly to his Comic Book heroes, hopes to save the woman of his life

If you know a guy who said he’s never cried, show him this film and pick up his tears in a salad bowl. Yes you might be disappointed at first when reading the title and are expecting a mega superhero face-off, but as the film goes on you discover something even more powerful than all the superheroes combined.

I believe this is what Romanian director Tudor Giurgiu had in mind when directing this film, showing the extraordinary (almost supernatural) emotions that a young child can go through for his sick mother.

Superman, Spiderman or Batman in fact shows us very little but just a child and his father getting ready and going to their destination, which seems like an every day routine to all of us at first. But where the film empowers us is in all the hidden messages, hints, secrets and ambitions the child is carrying with him.

I am very happy and I almost can’t believe it. This film had been a constant source immense satisfactions and surprises ever since I was shooting it in Cluj and the thought of getting so far with it was not even crossing my mind. My pride and joy as a Cluj person is huge: this is a film made almost entirely by and with Cluj people, both Romanians and Hungarians, all wonderful people. This award is theirs, but it especially for the writer Doru Lupeanu, the wonder child Aaron Serban and the unique actor that is Bogdan Zsolt

-excerpt from Tudor Giurgiu’s interview with the Transilvania International Film Festival (tiff.ro)

If there was an Oscar for best actor in short films, these two would certainly have nominations, played by the wonder child Aaron Serban and Bogdan Zsolt. The film was shot in Cluj – Napoca in Romania and features other Romanian actors, besides the two protagonists, Cornel Răileanu, Elena Ivanca, Ovidiu Crişan, Maria Seleş, Adriana Băilescu.

The script was written by Doru Lupeanu, a Romanian living in Montreal (to our delighted surprise), which is why the film is also featuring in our “Films de chez nous” section.