A young couple secretly try to get DNA samples from three men who could be the father of her daughter — who he’s been helping to raise, thinking she was his

Every romantic comedic holds its share of drama, but ‘I Got This’ can almost be labelled as a dark rom-com. Written and directed by Eric Bork, the film holds all the pinnacles of an uncomfortable and perhaps heart-breaking situation, but with the right state-of-minds, characters and definitely actors who play these characters, are able to turn this sour situation into a fun – loving film. The story revolves around a doting dad, Chris, who learns that the three-year-old girl he’s been helping to raise isn’t his. Not only that, but her mother doesn’t want to marry him, and might move out of town with the child, feeling she has no better options. He convinces her to try to figure out who the real father is, in hopes of a child support settlement that will allow them to stay. So they stalk three men who she slept with during the month before she got pregnant, and find inventive way to get samples of their DNA.

Although I’ve had a career as a screenwriter (best known as a writer-producer of HBO’s BAND OF BROTHERS, working with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg), I hadn’t directed since film school (quite a few years ago now). And I’d always said I wanted to be a writer-director! So I started writing low budget spec features with the goal of eventually raising the money to make one. (Something I’m still working on.) One of the first scripts was a feature version of this project, called The Nice Guy (before the Shane Black film The Nice Guys was around). And a friend suggested I do a short version of it. So I did. I really enjoyed directing and did it mainly for the experience, the practice, and also to hopefully show that I could direct something decent as I work on raising money to do a feature next.