A girl is so dangerous she is kept in a state of constant sedation by a cold blooded kidnapper. Shit gets real when someone attempts to rescue her and we get a glimpse of why her free will is of such importance.

Like many other short films, Strings is a big tease of what something much bigger can be. But it’s certainly a well contained and amusing tease. An action short about a captive woman who is kept sedated for a very good reason. She is extremely valuable, and the battle to free her will determine her fate. The film was shot over two days in Los Angeles, it was a test for Loweree and producers Kyle Marvin and Nick Lane to see how ambitious they could be with few resources.

I​wanted to try something I hadn’t done before and, having been fired up by some awesome action flicks recently, I thought this would be an interesting challenge. I loved the idea of a woman who is so dangerous she is kept sedated, and this is what came from that.

The premise is kind of simple, but how creative you can get with a simple idea is the glorious part of the film. The excellent fight choreography brings a layers of reality and belief, which is something often lacking in short films. Then it gets down to the attention to the details, the lighting, decor and even the exclamation points in the script.. A simple premise is turned into a hell of a thrilling crescendo 5 minutes!