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Snake Bite

Out for backwoods adventure, four boys find their friendship tested when one is bitten by a snake.

As kids we all had visions of being put in extreme situations and then managing to take care of business by either battling off some vicious bad guy or saving someone with some last minute heroics. Director Tim Hyten takes this childhood vision to an unforeseen extreme, where four boys find their friendship tested when one is bitten by a snake. But which is more dangerous – the notoriously fast-working venom of the Black Widowmaker, or the extreme measures they hope will save him?

The incredibly intense film puts us in an uneasy position between the friends, where a life threatening decision looms the circle. Needless to say that the four kids bring a dynamic bond to the steep storyline, courageously played by Andrew Fox, Gabe White, Holden Goyette & Luke Darga – almost reminding us of the fabulous quartet from Stranger Things. The setting seems simple, but we are kept on edge throughout with the seamlessly smart cinematography that Tim’s team brought together. An overall memorable film which will make you giggle a few times in between the cringing and terrifying gasps.

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