It’s 2150. Meet the universe’s laziest delivery man, Johnny.

Certain films set out to hit every point of satisfaction there is to be found. Johnny Express exemplifies what an animated short film should be, a comedic one at least, that’s not quite for children.

The story is about Johnny, a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages. He is lazy. He autopilots from planet to planet while he sleeps it through, but his missions never go as planned.

The story is one that we’ve all imagined as children, walking through a garden of ants and acting like the all mighty “bad” giant, combined with the idea that we can be giants to other alien civilization or the other way around. All this crazy thinking is turned into an amazing little short by Kyungmin Woo.

What intrigues us is not only the impressive animation quality of the film, but the extreme amusement we get watching it despite the pure cruelty happening to an entire planet. Without giving away too much, just have a blast watching it.