An intense fight for love and identity in the social media apocalypse.

It’s inevitable, social networking is taking over. Australian director Richard Williamson brings us a couple of years into the future, where social networking has moved out of the virtual world and into the physical. A confronting portrait of a world we may soon know too well. Welcome to the evolution.

A deeply played psychological film with its fair share of expected and unexpected elements. ‘Status’ is a softened and inexplicable mix between ‘Her‘ and ‘The Walking Dead‘.

This film came about through my fascination with social networking. I’m an aspiring filmmaker and I feel the digital age is asking questions we have to explore. I’ve always been drawn to the way we represent ourselves online. I feel like the sculpting of digital personas is a phenomenon that’s relatively new.The quest for understanding that underlies it is very powerful to me.

‘Status’ is a science fiction thriller that looks at the psychological underbelly of social networking. It imagines a not so distant future where facebook has moved off our computers and smartphones and now operates straight out of the mind. A microchip allows us to send and receive messages with thoughts alone…

We all want to be recognized for who we are. Every day we’re out there refining our personas online. We can’t resist. It’s an obsession. Status the film is looking at technology and its role in identity. Unlike generations past we have an avenue to promote a sculpted vision of ourselves. My film charts the darker side of that. Look at the angst and strange stuff people put online. What I’m intrigued with is technology’s role in how we cope with loneliness, desire, fear.

‘Status’ is an impressively well structured short film which just keeps building up from beginning to end, leaving room for unexpected events and tons of suspense. All while have some attachments to our everyday growing technological world.