A 10-year-old boy is thrust into the tumultuous world of puberty when he gets a new pair of eyeglasses.

Oh the mysterious world of puberty. We all remember it as a period of extreme awkwardness, but we often forget the incredible discoveries we have made in those precious years. Director Conor Byrne refreshes our memories magnificently in ‘Foureyes’, in the story of a 10-year-old boy who is thrusted into puberty when he gets a new pair of eyeglasses.

FOUREYES is a psychological comedy about suburban puberty. Our goal was to make a film with a conscious level of cheeky stylization, a distinctly subjective POV, and a lot of heart. Clear artifice without sacrificing emotion. FOUREYES aims to thrust the viewer into a unique, vivid world in which swimsuit issue ecstasy lies just down the hallway and an eyeglasses collection bin stares deeply into your soul.

In just under 13 mins, the Brudders – a production company started by two ‘brudders’ Conor & Tyler Byrne – pack an intense amount of character development. Although just supporting elements, the family plays an important role in the film, and the mother, father and sister each get their acknowledgement and enough stereotypical enlightenment to engage the viewers to understand their relationship with Bobby. And then there’s Bobby.

Bobby is a kid who is starting to discover his own sexuality – a concept that he feels drawn to, mystified by, and perhaps even afraid of in the most exciting way. The swimsuit issue he’s lusting after is a magical bounty that he’s naturally attracted to: boobs, butts, beaches, and otherworldly excitement. Therein lies endless bliss. At the same time, however, there’s a lot more that Bobby can’t really see – or understand – yet. That rogue little league pop fly seems to drop from the heavens and choose him; Bobby is suddenly thrust into a freakish process of overwhelming realization. The arrival of his eyeglasses is the catalyst to his natural journey – one wrought with moments of wide-eyed wonderment, near-insanity, and eventual self-discovery. We catch Bobby at the fateful juncture at which awe and insecurity collide.

FOUREYES is an exceptional film on every level, with the highest of production standards displayed. Every asset from cinematography to sound design, acting and even the immaculate set design is an intricate part of the film, one piece supporting another for just a fun and complete masterpiece.