Let the fire transform your senses.

Soledad falls into a big depression caused by the constant abuse she is victim of, in her daily routine. In there she finds a series of dreams in which she slowly transforms in to fire. She will try her best to escape from both dreams and reality, finding another state of mind.

The film has a rather perfect flow and intensifying dramatically while capturing the surreal moments of reality.

In “Soy Fuego” I tried to make a mix between narrative and experimental film, creating an audio visual experience where you can live and feel through Soledad eyes, up to the point of getting hurt, excited, frustrated or suffocated as she does during the story.

Soy Fuego is a mix of live action and a work of art, where director Jonathan Ostos Yaber brilliantly combined hundreds of animated wall paintings over the shot footage.

In the film each dream scene required 900 + animated frames painted over canvas and walls, creating an ever changing painting that transforms with the movement of the live action footage and then re captured frame by frame with still photographs, giving a new texture and dimension to the already existing film.

Music was composed by my very good friend Gabriel Bonnz Galvan, a Mexican DJ and musician that experimented with the heavy use of low frequencies to transmit each of Soledad feelings.