A young woman journeys with her younger sister- who suffers from a rare terminal disease to find an alternative medicine doctor.

Nickolas Duarte created a film that grasps your attention by raising lots of questions, but not your typical plot line twist confusions that you might have, rather leaves voids in detailing the condition.
‘Sea Change’ is about a young woman who journeys with her younger sister- who suffers from a rare terminal disease that causes her bones to crystalize and outgrow her body- up the Pacific Coast to find an alternative medicine doctor who may be able to provide treatment for the mysterious ailment.

The seed of the film started with two core components: 1) The dynamic where one sibling must care for the other and 2) the beautiful journey traveling the Pacific Coast in the US. From there, my co-writer Drew and I began playing with the idea of taking a fanciful metaphor and grounding it in real life.

The character relations in this film is a key, as the ongoing battle of the terminally ill sister gives her an almost bi-polar persona, and shows the depth of issues the older sister has to deal with.

We shot the film over a week going on the trip up the coast in California. We were fortunate enough to work with some really strong performers who connected immediately with each other. We were also fortunate enough to work with one of the best make up artists out there. The goal of the film really was to just get it out there. To get it seen by people. And to share a little story with some strangers.

The introduction of the Doctor character just shows or intensifies how helpless one can be in these situations, and how desperately they hang on to any little string of hope they can get. The film’s direction, set locations and even sound design play a tremendous role in pulling this unusual story into a memorable watch.